March 7, 2017

Sometimes when we create a business and don’t take the time to check-in or re-evaluate, it may not reflect our true nature anymore.

What do I mean?

Every day we are changing physically and mentally. Our cells are being regenerated, we literally are shedding our skin, we learn more with each new day – molding our minds, and so forth. How wonderful it is that we are constantly growing and defining our inner and outer landscape.

However, over time, if we haven’t applied these shifts to our business we can feel disengaged, stuck, or even in opposition to our current state of mind and beliefs.

I’ll give you an example.

For many years, I operated a gourmet foods company. It was very successful. Our primary goods sold was chocolate and it appealed to the masses! As my personal diet changed, which in turn restructured my mental and emotional wiring, I began to feel out of alignment with my career. What to do?

Well, for a while, I did nothing. I began to feel separate from my “day job” and what juiced me up. My Monday through Friday became a little black and white, paid the bills, and started to feel like a bit of a grind. I had a lack of integration with my passion.

So, when that scene no longer served me, my business partner and I decided to make a whole new, low sugar snack line which included super foods like cacao, goji berries, fresh organic nuts, etc. We decided to donate a portion of the profits to worthy causes and were off to the races.

Sounds awesome, right?

Best of both worlds – continue with the profitable venture of gourmet foods, with integrated values that I could get charged up on. In theory, it was awesome. However, in reality, our customer base was so steeped in our standard fare and really didn’t have an interest in a “health line.”

Tip: Knowing your ideal customer is key! Trying to make the “shoe fit” with a customer base designed for a completely different market, in the end, will fail.

Of course, there are always choices when you find yourself in a quandary.

  • Change the situation
  • Accept the situation
  • Leave the situation

These apply in business and in life.

How much Vitamin A (Authenticity) is injected into your business?


So, when you are creating, re-evaluating, or shifting your business venture, the 3 A’s to keep in mind for success are:

1. Awareness.

Be deeply aware of what light’s you up, what you want to spend an investment of your life in. Be aware of who your market is, of your niche, of the ideal audience that wants to listen to your message and trust you with their purchases.

2. Alignment.

Focus on how aligned your offering is with your core beliefs and values. Ultimately, the closer your talents and your fundamental belief system are, the better changes your endeavor will serve you long term. Of course, as you go along you may need to fine tune and tweak, much like a chiropractor does when your spine needs an adjustment. But, if your original body of work matches your individual alignment, the shifts needed most likely will be minor and easy to implement.

3. Authenticity.

Injecting Vitamin A (authenticity), into your daily business life will not only attract the right tribe, your fulfillment will be constantly replenished by the nourishment of you. When you bring you to the table – unmasked, unpolished, and unperfected, I feel a little bit of healing and magic happens all around.

To your continued growth, shifting, and re-alignment.

Until next time…breathe joy,

Integrative Business Advisor