Solopreneur Support for Success

It’s lonely going it alone.

And, there is no reason for it.

There are many of us, solopreneurs, grinding it out, running into the same obstacles, facing similar challenges. I’ve heard countless times from both start-ups & seasoned entrepreneurs that they would love a positive, upbeat, group of like-minded individuals to network with.

So, I’ve created a Facebook Group to connect and share with one another along the business journey.

I’m really excited to cultivate a space dedicated not only to business and marketing but to personal wellness.

We all know that we are more than our “to do” lists. Solopreneur Support for Success is a chance to be inspired holistically. There will, of course, be loads of tech tips, strategies, and work-related goodness, but also a focus on physical and spiritual well-being.

Solopreneur Support for Success

Each day I’ll offer a daily prompt, but of course, there are no limits to the conversation.

The Daily Solopreneur Support Prompts Are:

👉Mondays: #SolopreneurMomentum – just catching a little can spark amazing things! Share what motivates you. Let’s make it a great week. 🙂

👉Tuesdays: #SolopreneurTechTip – tools of the trade are invaluable for the solopreneur. Share your favorite DIY tool + build your very own resource library.

👉Wednesdays: #SolopreneurWellness – we all know that we are so much more than our “to do” lists. Share your favorite strategy for staying well inside and out.

👉Thursdays: #SolopreneurTaskMaster – what’s the one task that you can accomplish to close out this week with a smile on your face? Let’s take advantage of the power of accountability here.

👉Fridays: #SolopreneurFreedom – one of the biggest reasons that solopreneurs go into business for themselves is freedom. Share your reason today to re-invigorate why you do what you do.

👉Saturdays: #SolopreneurShoutout – we all have unique gifts and talents. Now’s your chance to promote your business, products, services, blog, etc. Networking at it’s finest!

👉Sundays: #SolopreneurSoul – unplug from digital today, turn within, and bask in the silence.

There will be a few basic house rules, practical wisdom really. They are:

  • Positive mindset – always be supportive and kind
  • Contribution – give more than you receive
  • Connection – enjoy networking with like-minds/hearts
  • No Spam – only self-promote on #SolopreneurShoutout Saturdays (no videos please)

It’s my pleasure to share first-hand experiences from 25 years in the business world.

I can’t wait to connect with you!
Click here to join me.

Until then…breathe joy,