Share the wealth and build your team

No matter how big or small an organization is, team building is an essential piece of the business pie. It is one that can be easily overlooked in our times of virtual assistants and online support staff (many of which are even working remotely from another country).

From what I’ve experienced, employees are far more invested in a company that communicates well, acknowledges performance, and is thoughtful about emotional dynamics.

Developing a company culture

I’ve been reminiscing lately. Today, I was looking at a collection of employee pics. It brought me back to when my business partner and I were just starting out in an 800 square foot facility. Our team consisted of 6 local ladies. We were new to managing staff, so we just did what came naturally. We treated each person like a valued individual, highlighted their strengths, welcomed their feedback, and basically cared. Little did we know that we were developing a company culture in the process.

In a very short period of time, our staff became like our trusted family. Elements of fun, fresh, and heart qualities were weaved in throughout the business and infused into our marketing, packaging, and product line.

Share the wealth

I think what contributed to that core dynamic was “sharing the wealth.” Even in the early days when times were lean and some weeks we held our breath to “make payroll,” we managed to do something to acknowledge the team. It may have been bagels and coffee, or a surprise pizza lunch during a Saturday shift. Sometimes, it was a road trip to a local festival and a picnic – just a gesture that said: “We acknowledge and appreciate you.”

Share The Wealth and Build Your Team

As we grew, so did the benefits. The day trips turned into overnight getaways and group outings to big city trade shows.

We got the girls involved in the “behind the scenes” aspects of sales and introduced them to the customers that they were making products for, which did wonders. It massively boosted team building, increased product quality through accountability, and contributed to further company investment.

Team Time in the Tropics

Team Time in the Tropics

One year, we even took the team to Cancun for a week! I will never forget the look on everyone’s face when we handed them envelopes with their plane tickets and hotel vouchers…priceless.

Hunting for Treasures

Hunting for Treasures

Work hard, play hard…it’s a nice balance.

Remember that even in times of busyness, stress, deadlines, and competition, you have room to honor the people who dedicate their heart and soul to your business.

I had one client who surprised me with an air-conditioning system for my house after I completed an efficiency project for his business! However, your gestures do not need to be on such a grand scale. 🙂 If you are working in-person with your staff, even a post-it note on their favorite treat is a simple and sweet way to brighten their day.

Here are some other ideas to show appreciation to your staff:

  1. A paid day off on their birthday
  2. A monthly subscription (magazine, fruit, flowers, or natural makeup)
  3. A gift certificate to their favorite spa

What if you are a team of 1?

For my solopreneurs, acknowledging yourself is just as important. Did you just land a new account? Have you kept a consistent editorial calendar for 90 days? Perhaps you broke through a major barrier or fear (think Facebook live or public speaking) – then celebrate!

I suggest making a little wish list of things that would put a smile on your face. Perhaps it’s a mani/pedi, a new book, or fancy shoes. Whatever it is, you matter! Honoring yourself when you accomplish a goal increases productivity, reduces stress, and keeps your head in the game.

Investment is a two-way street. When you take the time to have a relationship with your team and show your appreciation, the return is even greater than playing the stock market.

Until next time…breathe joy,
Integrative Business Advisor