Do you know what you stand for? Does it translate to your audience?

As solopreneurs, our brand’s point of view (POV) is frequently the same as our personal one. Who we are defines our brand. Our individual beliefs and opinions spill over into how we present, comment, react, etc.

I’ve been piecing together snippets from various people who have shaped their brand by having a clearly recognizable vision and stance.

In one of the episodes of America’s Next Top Model, they had a branding expert come in and give each of the contestants one word that summarized their brand. They were to keep the definition and connotation of this one word in their mindset on every shoot. This was a chance to define who they were, help differentiate them from the other models, and communicate a specific message to their fan base.

Some key words dispersed were “Girlfriend” – for the trusting one who always had your back and leant a compassionate ear; and “Honest” – for the girl who had firm boundaries on what type of clothing she would model combined with her strict moral beliefs.

The above illustrates that even though branding can be an intricate blueprint made up of your logo, color palette, point of view, status, and a multitude of other strategies to differentiate your presence; it can also be distilled down to just one word, plain and simple.

The objective is to show your personality and what you stand for. It allows your audience to form their own point of view regarding you. If they jive with what you’re serving up, then you’ll have a fan for life!

Communicate Your Point of View

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I also heard the term “point of view” thrown around a lot on The Next Food Network Star. They really emphasized that each chef needed to “stamp” themselves with who they were, what they believed in, their look, the dishes that they chose to present, etc. One, in particular, was Loreal Gavin, “The Butcher Babe.” She stayed true throughout the show to her culinary art of meat, bubbly charm, and motor-chick look. It must have worked since she just published her first book last month, The Butcher Babe’s Cookbook.

People like to know (and see) what you’re passionate about. Do you show that enough in your business through your writing, posts, speaking engagements, and offerings?

It’s good food for thought! It can also be a challenge when you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you gain clarity if you are stuck on how to “define” yourself.

Is Your Point of View Juicy?

Think about a re-occuring theme that shows up for you and your business. Is it personal development, social injustice, or productivity? Knowingly or unknowingly, we have a personal bias that has a way of infiltrating our work. Take a look at that as a possible point of view – one that you can build out more, define, highlight, and continue to go deeper with.

Also, think about what brings you joy. Have a brainstorming party about all the people, places, things, projects, etc., that put a smile on your face. It should be something that you rarely get tired of reading, discussing, or debating.

One thing that I’ve noticed is the people who appear to be the most successful at carving out a niche are the ones that are super passionate about their point of view. Alicia Silverstone comes to mind with her lifestyle blog called The Kind Life. She lives, breathes, and acts kind. You see this in her vegan product lines, diet, articles, and everyone and thing that she is aligned with. Her POV is uber clear and she radiates joy!

So, what’s your voice? How do you distinguish yourself as a leader within your field? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Until next time…breathe joy,