It’s OK To Show Your Cards

Playing it safe, acting larger than you are, or only exposing the perfect and polished aspects of your business and life are all common examples of what many solopreneurs do. Why? More times than not, it is in the name of “being professional,” while other times it’s a fear of rejection.

Interestingly enough, people want to see the real you. Behind the scenes footage is often the most popular content. Sneak peeks into our real lives get a ton of attention.

Take your tribe on the journey.

Your clients, customers, fans, and followers all care about you and your business. If they didn’t they would have moved on, unsubscribed, or switched to your competitor by now. There is something special and unique about your personality and offerings that attract people into your arena.

Make sure you honor that by taking them on your personal journey. Give them a glimpse into your day-to-day schedule, your favorite lifestyle trends, an idea of how you got where you are, etc. (Read about my business adventures here.)

People love to see the iterations of your humble beginnings. The “then and now” timelines of who you were when you started and the progression of how your business developed.

It can be a little intimidating to do so. Some shares may just be too vulnerable and that’s ok. This isn’t about pushing your limits to the point of being uncomfortable. I just want to encourage you to remove some of the filters, put down the wall a little bit, and act in courage and care vs. fear of judgment.

It's OK To Show Your Cards


Not where you want to be yet?

It’s best not to pretend to be something that you’re not. People can see right through inauthentic behavior. And that’s not you anyway! If you are a solopreneur that is the cook, chief, and bottlewasher, then embrace it. Celebrate the fact that you literally have your finger on the pulse of every moving part of your business. What a gift to get an email reply from the founder themself! Use the fact that you are growing, that you care about your audience feedback, and that you are willing to create products or services which suit your ideal target market.

Share your vision and put your intention out there. You’d be surprised how much people want to see you succeed and just might help get you where you want to go. Just look at the current Kickstarter stats: $3,081,359,400 total dollars pledged to Kickstarter projects and 125,950 successfully funded projects!! Folks get excited about a worthy cause, and many times, feel honored to be a part of the winning endeavor.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you think that you’ll appear weak if you ask for help or suggestions, think again. It is a human tendency to want to help one another. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a mentor. Maybe it’s requesting a more established business to share your event on their Facebook page or a pic of your new product in their next newsletter. Most entrepreneurs are happy to support people within their industry.  

Also, utilize free tools like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Facebook Polls to reach out to your audience for their feedback. If you’re vacillating between a couple of logo designs, bumping around a few book titles, or curious about the next course to create, then ask your followers. In most cases, they are thrilled to share their opinions and ideas.

I think one of the best-kept secrets is knowing that it’s ok to show your cards. If you let others in on your background, intentions, and goals; it establishes credibility, authenticity, and trust. Being real and honest in the moment is not only a refreshing way to live, but it attracts more of the same. And who wouldn’t want more of that in their daily lives?

Until next time…breathe joy,
Integrative Business Advisor