Influence….it’s powerful.

For some reason, the topic of influence has been on my mind. I wanted to dive deeper into thinking about how influencing others and being influenced, play a part in our lives and our business.

Let’s think about how we influence others. As business owners, people are watching and listening to us (some more intently than others). We have a responsibility to a certain degree. How we conduct ourselves, our policies, our follow-through, and our style are all factors in our ability to influence clients. If we are a true authority or even perceived as one, our influence will, of course, be stronger.

We can increase our sphere of influence by spreading our message via blogging, newsletters, guest posts, social posts, speaking engagements, interviews, webinars, etc. The more authoritative and consistent we are with our point of view, the greater the opportunity to have a significant influence on our niche. We can also have others play a role in how our products or services are perceived.

Sphere of influence

Take the fashion world as an example. Designers will gift their goods (clothing, handbags, jewelry, etc.) to celebrities in hopes that they will be caught on camera and influence the buying decisions of a specific demographic. They are also known to hire “influencers” for their runway shows with the same purpose in mind.

Now, let’s ponder how we are influenced personally.

If the famous quote by motivational speaker Jim Rohn is true: “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with,” then we must choose wisely.

Think about it, if your circle is made up of folks who complain, blame, make excuses, procrastinate, and fall into victim roles more often than not; then how do you think that affects you, your business, and the decisions that you make? Do you think that you will miraculously wake up with an optimistic outlook each morning, ready to forge ahead with vigor and fortitude? Probably not!

Conversely, if your tribe is comprised of positive, productive, humble, authentic, and caring individuals; then there is an agreement and a motivational pull to be in the same vein.

Be a bright influence

Does this mean you should dump those peeps who tend to be in a slump most days? Not necessarily. However, understand who you spend your time with, the topics you engage in, the media you consume on a daily basis, etc. contribute to your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. That is pretty significant!

We are creatures of influence. We are either leaders or followers and in some cases a little bit of both. Yet in all cases, the power of influence can shape how we act, react, present ourselves, and really all aspects of life.

So how about you? What traits would you choose to be around if you believed that they could have an effect on your character, development, behavior, and brand?

Let me know in the comments below!! I’d love to hear your wish list. 🙂

Until next time…breathe joy,
Integrative Business Advisor