When the Heart of Your Business is Spirit

I heard there was a Frankincense and Myrrh distiller in the US years ago, and it immediately went on my wish list. Recently I had the great fortune to visit Boswellness, in Colchester, Vermont.

As soon as we opened the doors to their manufacturing facility, we were immediately greeted with warm smiles, and the beautiful aroma of frankincense wafting through the air.

We entered the distillation room, where there were pallets loaded with hundreds of pounds of frankincense and myrrh resin. Quite a cool site to see! An enormous, commercial distillation set-up was the main event. The day we toured, Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha) was on the menu.

I can’t explain how transporting the aroma was!

It felt like Church. There was a reverent feeling of peace, calm, and respect that somehow the aroma molecules communicated.

Heart of Your Business is Spirit

Spirit is infectious.

Co-owners Mahdi Ibrahim and Jamie Garvey graciously shared their story. Mahdi, a native of Somaliland, had dreams of Frankincense. That, coupled with a commitment to give back to his roots, sparked the idea to enter into entrepreneurialism. Their initial business plan was to import frankincense resin and market the product as incense, with churches being their target audience. As the business grew, so did the awareness of alternate market possibilities – the healing arena being one of them.

Through self-education and trial and error, they expanded into steam distillation. Now, they are a trusted resource in the aromatherapy field. Not only are they a reliable essential oil supplier, but one that deeply cares about sustainability.

With water scarcity being one of Somaliland’s main issues, Boswellness contributes to drilling new wells for fresh water. They also play a role in a food co-op for the region, allowing “at cost” prices for food staples. They fundamentally understand what it takes in order for true sustainability to occur.

Jamie said that in order to support the focus of smart harvesting, the locals first need to have their basic needs of food and clean water met. Otherwise, they will be in “survival mode.” 

Makes a lot of sense.

Their mission is a noble one. One where the heart of their business is spirit itself.

A central force that serves at each step of the journey:

  • Engages in fair-trade – sustainable farming
  • Supports the community of northwestern Somalia
  • Serves as one of the only directly sourced Frankincense and Myrrh distillation operations in the US
  • Vermont Certified Organic Producer
  • Distributes the highest quality essential oils and hydrosols

It’s interesting that the healing benefits of Frankincense and Myrrh are known to soothe, regenerate, and support. All characteristics that Boswellness itself embodies.

There is something very special when pure intention marries heart. To me, it’s one of the highest forms of spirituality. I look forward to more businesses who’ll adopt a similar philosophy, where work truly has the potential to become worship.

Until next time…breathe joy,

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