I visited my favorite retreat center this weekend. It’s one that I’ve been traveling to for 27 years now. Despite the emphasis being on meditation and going within, I noticed the power of connection more than ever this time.

People gathered from several countries (Mexico, France, Canada, and India) and multiple Northeast States from the US. It was truly a joy to share time and space with these like-minded souls – a real “community!”

It got me thinking about what I could do to foster this level of sharing and caring.

The Power of Connection


With the great fortune of digital tools, networking with others is now easier than ever. To that extent, I created a Facebook group for new entrepreneurs interested in a positive and supportive arena to brainstorm all that goes into creating a successful business.

The name of the group is Startups Start Here

If you feel called, click here to join the group.

Looking forward to connecting with you along the journey!

Until next time…breathe joy,
Business Consultant