Business isn’t just a numbers game to me, it’s in my DNA. I take your business as seriously as mine and want you to succeed as much as you do, which in my opinion is rare these days.

I think that you landed here for a reason. With the thousands of choices available, it’s no “coincidence” that you happened to click this page.

Let’s cut through all the noise together and scale your business in a way that works for you.

My sessions offer sharp business intuition with a holistic mindset to ensure business without burnout.

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Client Story

“You are finished and ready to go! You know everything you need to help people feel great about themselves, their bodies and their food relationship! Nothing can’t stop you…

Until you realize your best coaching knowledge and your great intentions do not change the fact that there’s a business world out there with thousands of other and that in order to cut the learning curve (you just got out of one), good help and guidance are HIGHLY NEEDED.

This, at least, was my experience once I started my coaching practice.
I knew I didn’t want one of those “superstar” coaches who show you pictures of their millionaire lifestyle (which you might have if you pay for their courses)… No, I wanted someone who could understand the importance of authenticity, service, empathy, client-based practice and life balance.
This is what KC represents.

She helped me find my way. She showed me amazing the technological tools, guided me through the digital world, which to me was super scary and unknown until then. While, at the same time, helped me stayed centered and connected to my inner call, creating a space where I could bring out my fears and having the empathic touch to help me walk through them in order to grow.

Not only has my practice doubled since I started working with her, but my confidence and sense of direction have evolved in an impressive way.

If you know you have it in you, but still do not know how to make it all happen, then Kc is the perfect business/personal coach for you!”

Gina Tager, Eating Psychology Coach