Brandless, My New Favorite Brand

Have you ever just “clicked with a brand” and got really excited to hear from them? Last year, it was Simple Green Smoothies for me. I was oohing and aahing over everything from their graphics to their cookbook.

This July, an online grocery store called Brandless came on the scene and have been knocking my socks off ever since. They have a no-nonsense approach, laced with integrity. Every item is $3, which is an innovative pricing model that really catches your attention.

Company values that make them stand out are:

  • Non-Toxic and NON-GMO ingredients
  • Huge Organic selection
  • Vegan and Gluten Free Options
  • No Animal Testing
  • Focus on sustainability  

Their hip and clean line attracts the minimalist buyer with attention to detail, a draw toward eco-friendly products, and standards for high quality.

Let’s spotlight a couple of things that I love about their marketing & style.

Brandless Brand

Their website is super easy to navigate. It’s color-coded per category and has a user-friendly scroll to continue shopping per aisle. White image backgrounds allow you to focus on the product.

I love the tags at the bottom of the homepage that allow you to “Shop by Values.” How cool is that?

Brandless Brand, Shop by Value

The “Thank You” confirmation is both fun and keeps their website header front and center.

This makes you feel as if you are still in their home.

Brandless Brand, Thank You

They continue to keep the communication flowing throughout the order process.

It’s as if you have a personal shopper.

Brandless Brand Communication

On the footer of some of the follow-up emails, they have this clever snippet that mimics the website styling. Each category links to that specific aisle. It’s an inviting way to keep the customer interested in shopping more vs. the “one and done” approach that many retailers exhibit.

Brandless Brand Email Footer

Here’s a look at some of what I purchased:

Brandless Brand Products

I’ve been enjoying the products and the bright colors that they chose for the labels have a feel-good lift.

Post Purchase Power

Relevant and fun messaging encourages you to “share the journey” – increasing their social proof and strengthening their brand.

Brandless Brand Share

Making it a Lifestyle – It’s cool to be Brandless

Brandless Brand Instagram



They have a membership called B.More.

If you subscribe (annual fee of $36) you receive free shipping on orders over $48. Also, they partner with Feeding America and with your membership “10 meals are donated to people facing hunger upon joining B.More.”

They send this “love note” at the bottom of your receipt, which gives the buyer a sense of satisfaction and contribution.

Brandless B.More

With the B.More membership you are now a “part of the family” establishing a sense of community and an inner circle feel.

B.More family

Lastly, they use just the right amount of animation to keep things interesting and catch your eye.

Brandless Brand Style

As you can see, Brandless is doing a lot of things right and rocking their brand! I hope you got inspired by this “Success Spotlight.”

What can you do with your brand that draws in the customer, keeps them engaged on your website, not only creates a buyer but also a “family” member, and stimulates them to spread the word about your company? Reach out to me for a consultation and I’ll hook you up! 🙂

Until next time…breathe joy,
Integrative Business Advisor