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This weekend, I went to see the Smurfs: The Lost Village movie with my 7-year old niece. I grew up with the Smurfs, so it was a bit nostalgic to be entertained once again by these little critters.

It got me thinking about their brand, which is one that has been successfully pleasing children and kids at heart since 1958…no easy feat.

What came to mind was that even though “The Smurfs” in general have a strong branding presence – their blue and white appearance; their overarching morals; their consistent, inter-connected community; etc. – each smurf individually has a clear brand as well.

So simply, with just a minor tweak from the basic smurf, the unique characters are “stamped” with what they stand for; which is their personality and particular principal. For example, Hefty Smurf is in great shape, the strongest smurf in the village, and is depicted carrying around a dumbbell to keep in shape. Clumsy Smurf is kind, and always having some snafu or tripping over his own two feet (which actually makes him even more endearing)! Brainy Smurf is the smartest of the pack. He takes life seriously, wears huge glasses, and has his notebook in hand.

The audience clearly knows each of the character’s personalities. They are in most ways very predictable.

Branding Lessons From the Smurfs:

  1. Clearly define who you are and what problem you solve.
  2. Show some personality to build the know, like, and trust factors.
  3. Be authentic and consistent with your persona.
  4. Always stay in alignment with your life values.
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In an interview with Veronique Culliford, the daughter of Peyo – the creator of the Smurfs, she was questioned on the success of the Smurf brand and said:

“All Smurfs look the same, but they all have a different character, so people will always find a Smurf to identify themselves with and the white and blue colors are accepted by all cultures. On top of that, people love the Smurfs because they are cute, funny, but also because they represent important values like respect, friendship, teamwork, respect for nature. Timeless values that are important for all cultures.”

These are definitely wise words and something we can model as business owners.

So, what about you?

What can you take away from these little, blue creatures that can help you define your brand today?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time…breathe joy,
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