I love business

Having worked hands-on in creative endeavors for the past 27 years, I’ve had the pleasure of developing a multitude of businesses; the longest one running 17 years in the field of confections. Playing in the world of chocolate allowed my bestie and I the freedom to live the lifestyle of our dreams; traveling the world, creating our own rules, and making people happy through our handmade sweets. We grew that business close to a multiple 7-figure operation and had the time of our lives doing it. 

Business to me however is so much more than making money. It’s an opportunity to know ourselves in a deep and unique way. It’s about integrating ourselves wholly into our offering, and leaving space to honor the emotional side of being an entrepreneur. It’s about being focused on the give and reach over the return and black and white bottomline.

From the brick & mortar experience, I ventured into the world of digital marketing. I acquired the skills to help clients grow their email lists, execute 6-figure launches, establish successful membership sites, build online learning management systems, and align solopreneurs with their core strengths in the process.

I’ve been flown to clients to brainstorm their editorial calendar for the year, conducted countless online coaching sessions to strategize marketing plans (that actually work), developed stunning premium courses, and so much more.

It has been an honor to coach amazing women in various healing arenas. Fields that include education, aromatherapy, sound healing, organic farming, gourmet foods, cognitive brain health, and yoga to name a few.

A great coach has the skills and personal know-how to propel you forward. It’s crucial to have a business mentor who has the experience of actually living and breathing being an entrepreneur. I’ve got you covered!

What I also bring to the table is enthusiasm; which can’t be taught, but it can definitely be caught!

I’d be thrilled to be a part of your journey.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Let’s Get Personal

I love everything about plants! I enjoy cooking and baking, am vegan, an organic gardener, and an aromatherapist. Nothing brings a smile on my face quicker than a fresh bouquet of wildflowers.

Despite not having a “yoga body” I still show up on the mat.

I’ve been meditating since 1990. It’s one of my “non-negotiables” when it comes to the daily routine. Turning off the “monkey-mind” and turning inwards allows me to experience peace, and live in a more balanced state.

Simple living and high standards juice me up.

Client Love

"Since working with Kc, I’ve got clarity and focus abound as I move through the steps toward bringing my dream into reality. My creativity is sparked amidst the technicality that this endeavor involves. The life and laughter that Kc shines on, what could be, rather tedious and geeky TASKS.

Traffic into my classes has grown even before the new website is launched. I feel that this is due to the positive energy that has been generated from my coaching sessions and the vast professional knowledge and wealth of information that Kc has to share.

I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND KC'S COACHING. This has been a priceless personal growth experience for me as well as given the business a huge boost forward. I feel that my business plan will grow for many years with the insight and possibilities that Kc has brought into light.

This has truly been a very exhilarating experience from a truly awesome coach."

Lyn Magill, Wellness Coach/RYT, The Bear Yoga Project

A few of my favorite things…

My bestie.. A girl’s must have!

My fluffy orange-tuxedo cat, Bini, is my forever trusted companion.


In the Summer, riding on the back of my partner’s Harley along the coast of the Finger Lakes is a big joy.

Scuba diving has opened up a whole new world of adventures!