Kc Rossi, Integrative Business Advisor


Hi, I’m Kc…

I’m a Transformative Business Coach that helps Solopreneurs discover, develop, and deliver their best business.

I’m dedicated to saving business owners time, money, and stress when it comes to developing and managing their endeavor.

Clueless about what to do next in your business? 

You may be confident in your professional skills, but lost when it comes to the business aspect.

Do you just keep jumping from one Facebook forum to the next YouTube video trying to figure it all out? Hoping that there will be a page or person that you can relate to and understand?

Do you keep looking over your long “to do” list, skipping over the confusing tech pieces and just repeating what you know – not really moving forward?

I can demystify the confusion that is common when it comes to digital marketing, and help you design a business that fits your unique needs.

Let’s design your roadmap and get this journey started…

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Client Feedback ~

“Kc’s wise guidance has helped me to bring my business from a hopeful dream into a reality. Kc possesses a unique ability to understand how the personal, financial, and spiritual aspects of business development interconnect. Her coaching sessions brilliantly weave personal transformation with solid business development. She has a positive, sincere, and practical approach that inspires me every day!”

Cindy Black, L.Ac., Big Tree School of Natural Healing

Working with Kc has been a good business decision for me. With her energetic and positive attitude, Kc helped me focus and prioritize what seemed like an overwhelming amount of tasks.

Kc helped me define my client avatar, introduced me to new and more efficient technologies and walked me through an amazing branding process.

Starting a new business can be stressful and lonely. A call with Kc is sure to cheer you up and inspire you to keep moving forward.

I am now more confident launching Cherry Hill Aromas with the support I received from Kc. I highly recommend her services.

Cheryl Desmond, Certified Aromatherapist
Cherry Hill Aromas

Cheryl Desmond

We all need a trusted ally.

A little more about my style…

I’ve had a love for holistic modalities since I was young and have always been intrigued by natural medicine, philosophy, spirituality, and eco-lifestyles. That coupled with a fierce drive towards business development, strategy and systems, and technology has created a Yin/Yang synergy to my approach.

The key is integrating the necessary structures needed for a solid business, without forgetting to nurture our soul. 

We bring our whole selves with us wherever we go, and to whatever we do. My goal is to dissolve the black and white “9 to 5” grind and highlight your core personal goals and life desires in order to “show up” in vibrant color.

Interested in working together?

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